Tea on Tuesdays

Fabulous "new" website - new to me anyway!! You need to check this one out!

Today, (actually, it was yesterday- I am a day late in posting!) I am enjoying a cup of Stash Goji Berry Green Tea. This was courtesy of my teacup swap partner- very yummy!!!Stash is one of my fav brands, and I am hoping I can find this Goji tea locally!

I thought I would share one of my vintage thrift shop finds - tea related, of course!!!! I love this little potholder - it still had the little price tag attached - remember when stores attached price tags with tiny straight pins???!!! Back when honesty was the best policy.............

Please visit Kimmie, if you haven't already, to join her for tea and see a list of the rest of the tea party!


  1. Goji berry tea sounds yummy. We found dried goji berries, they have all kinds of health properties, must go check out the link :)

  2. The week passes too quickly and here I thought I might join in on 'Tea on Tuesday' only to find I forgot, even though I drink tea each day.

    Thank you for the two links. The English Tea Blog certainly is using the link idea as a wonderful marketing tool, no different than the Blogger 'follow' widget. It is also nice to meet Kimmie.

    Wishing you a wonderful day,

  3. That is such a cool link! I will have fun checking out all of those "tea blogs!" How lovely to have an ongoing tea swap enjoyment factor with the stash of Stash tea :)

    Happy T!

  4. I like some herb teas, will check out the ones you suggested. Your potholder is very cute!

  5. love the tea potholder, so cute

  6. Thank you for visiting my humble blog...I love teas and would love to find this most unusual tea in my neighborhood. I am also a sucker for vintage hand crocheted cotton potholders. I feel a connection with the creator of the potholder and the persons who employed this fiber to protect dainty fingertips from heat. I try to stay short and I am learning a little more every day from others who generously share their wisdom and techniques! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. I like the potholder too. Anything tea-themed like usually catches my fancy. Of course I'm a single guy in an apartment so I don't know what a potholder is used for, but I like the teapot design.

  8. Glad you made the tea party. Late is better than never...I hope, because I'm late getting here.

    I've not seen that particular Stash tea. I'll keep my eyes out for it, too. Stash makes some of my stash. :)

    Your little potholder is cuTe. It's been a day or two since items were priced with pinned tags.

    Have a wonderful Thursday.

    oxo Judy

  9. Judy of ApronStrings is one of two friends who introduced me to Stash Teas and then Lori also directed me to their website. I must look for your tea,Pat. I bought their box called,"Christmas Morning" last year and it was very nice. Wegmans and Safeway both carry Stash, but the flavors vary from place to place. As you can tell, our teacup exchange just keeps going and going! Lennie

  10. G'eve, would you please go to our Nov. 16th post & enter our giveaways ... we are having a terrible time with Google right now. Sory. TYSM TTFN ~Marydon

  11. I love Goji berries, and this tea sounds yummy. Your comment on our social changes really hit the spot, too!!

  12. Yes..Stash does make some wonderful teas. I am drinking their "White Christmas" tea as I type. Hope all is well with you...
    Happy Thanksgiving!