Steppin' Out of the Box Again.................

I tried my hand at something new this week. Patty posted about an altered postcard she created for a swap over at this blog , Kreativ Kram.
They have an ongoing "thing" called Travel Around the World. A different location is picked each time, you create a postcard for that location, and swap partners are chosen. Patty always inspires me to try something new!!! You only have to make one postcard- which is a good thing - I don't think I could make more than one!!! LOL

When I saw Patty's - the location for Swap #15 was St. Petersburg, Russia. She was lucky enough to have gone there a few years ago. It piqued my interest because I had heard, over the years, that my Finnish great great (great?) grandparents had traveled by cart to work in St. Petersburg.

I started researching the story again, and come to find out, my mother's grandparents, did, in fact, LIVE in St. Petersburg, probably in the early to mid 1800's! There was alot of unrest in Russia, Finland and the surrounding areas during that time period. All very interesting, and so much more to discover. And to think, this journey started again for me, with a simple altered postcard!

One of the requirements for this postcard was to use an ink stamp somewhere. I chose to use it on the back. I stamped "hand made for you" in Finnish on the back. And, NO, I don't speak Finnish - I used Google translator - so I hope it is correct!!!! I also have it in Russian.

I used a vintage postcard with an unappealing pic of a warship on the front. I did not feel bad about "changing" this postcard!!I do like the original back of the postcard tho!On the front, I put a map of Finland, and a picture of the gorgeous, altho' chillingly named, Spilled Blood Cathedral in St. Petersburg. A cutout from Artchix, vintage little girls with a map of the world, under a swatch of ribbon, with the added words "back and forth", signifying my ancestors' travels, some gel pen and sparkle embellishment and vintage rickrack- I hope it meets the swap's approval.

There is still time to join this swap, I believe, if not - there is always the next one!!!!


  1. How interesting, and it prompted you to research your roots a bit more. I have a notebook full of old postcards that were my grandfathers. I might pursue something like this with some of them. I don't know what else to do with them. I'll have to follow up with a post. Like I need to try something new!!! NOT.

  2. Couldn't wait to see your Finnish inspired St Petersburg postcard Pat! It looks great and all the more special because of your roots!
    When my Mom and I stepped out of the bus to visit the cathedral for a photo op we were swarmed by young gypsy children ....begging with their hands out and looking sooo sad (their job!) "madam madam" OY! Thanks for the mention ... you inspire me too!

  3. I think your Postcard is wonderful. Fabulous job.

  4. A great read and an even greater story. Lennie

  5. What a great idea for a swap. And your postcard is fantastic. I love the story that goes with it too!!

  6. wow Pat - this looks simply AMAZING!!! the cathedral you choose is sooo great. love it. more than 30 years I was in St. Petersburg ... is sutch an gorgoeus city! :-)
    thanks for playing! :-)


  7. Hi Pa - your card is arrived an makes me happy. Thanks for the xmas - gifts too. Its so great, your have a family-connektion to st.petersburg.