Tea on Tuesday

I am sipping some tea,
                         that was in a bag,
                                     which was in a box,
                                                    which arrived last week,
                                                                                     as part of
                                                                 The Traveling Teacup

Put together by Judy at Apron Strings  , this teacup is going to a number of tea lovers around the country and Canada.It's kind of like a teacup round robin!

Each person puts in a hand crafted item of their own creation, enters a post in the little journal, and takes a photo of where the teacup has been. We get to ooh and aah over the wonderful items in the box, take some tea from the bag, and replace the tea bags we used with some of our own favs.

Then the box is carefully repacked and sent on its way, to the next recipient.

I will only give a tiny peek , showing the mini journal and the tea - don't want to spoil the surprise for the next on the list!!!

Here's the tea I took out - Twinings is in my cup this morning!

My teacup for today is a thrift store pottery find. Not in any stretch of the imagination is this a delicate china teacup- but it's the right size, and a great attempt by whoever this beginner potter was!! I love it!

Also gleaned from that thrift trip was this clunky,primitive little cup and teapot - perfect for a little girl's tea party ! And, it's purple!!!!! Soon to be on Etsy, if I can ever just sit down and restock the cyber shelves!!

Another thrift score - some more vintage silverware - with a cute little mystery spoon - anyone have a clue what this might be for? It's kind of a tear drop or candle flame shape.

Don't forget to visit Patty and Kimmie for a list of other Tuesday tea drinkers. Drop by and leave a comment - here and there- so we know you've been by!!! See you soon.................................


  1. I so enjoy seeing your cups and antique items.

  2. love the green pottery tea cup

  3. Love the cup! That's my Melaleuca tea... It's so yummy. I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Love the pottery tea cup and saucer. You always find some great stuff! What a neat RR to do. Enjoyed your post as always. Happy tea day.

  5. Your thrift finds are a delight. Interesting spoon...there are such things as teardrop spoons, but I haven't seen one with a bend.

    Have a pleasing day,

  6. ooo do I see altered cutlery in your future...wonderful pieces and that mystery spoon is so pretty too!

    those are some fun pottery pieces you rescued...bet they have a little weight to them too ;)

    the traveling tea cup must be about half way through it's journey???

    see you tamale dear one!

  7. Love your rescued pottery as always you find the neatest stuff!! Lennie

  8. What a fun idea ... the traveling tea cup! Wonderful finds. I like hand made/thrown pottery. Happy Tea Day!

  9. What a great idea about the Traveling Tea!

  10. OMGosh, love that tear-drop spoon! I'm excited to see the travelling cup and goodies--wondering when it will come to Canada, eh?
    happy tea day and thank for always coming and commenting on my blog :)

  11. oh lovely tea post and that spoon is a mystery eh?

  12. The greenish pottery cup has such a neat big handle! Love it! The teardrop spoon, could it be for eating grapefruit sections from a half grapefruit?

  13. Wow, the only time I saw the tea cup was when Halle had it. I had no idea it had moved on to someone else. I wonder why no one is showing it. The reason I declined to be included was because I have no "lovely" place to take it to photograph it. Had I known that no one was taking a photo of it, I would have joined in.

    That is a lovely spoon. Very unique with the flame-like shape. I have never been able to find real silver for making my altered spoons. Mine are all modern and no fun. Your spoons (and forks) all look so alterable. Really lovely, in fact. Happy tea day!

  14. That is a sweet, sweet cup. I like something with a little substance. I also liked the idea of the Traveling Tea Cup. The blog world is so much fun. I am new to all of this and have been looking through my mil's beautiful things and posting them. I would love to have you visit, if you have time!
    Fondly, Suz

  15. I was just thinking about the traveling teacup project today .... And here it is! Very cool! That teardrop spoon ... Could it possibly be for eating melon by scooping at it? What a curious shape :)

    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  16. What a wonderful idea. I must come back to T Tues as I miss you ladies xx

  17. Lovely things! And this teapot is gorgeous!

  18. GREAT teacup and saucer! I would love to participate in the traveling teacup! Is it to late? Happy Tea day!

  19. Wow! A tea cup round robin, what a fun and fab idea!
    I love the little green tea cup and saucer! I think it is a fine cup!