Tea on Tuesday

Today's tea is a conundrum of sorts. The choice is so vast, the decision will come about thru' eeny, meeny, minie moe......
I have a pantry full of more tea than I really need. But, one can never have enough tea!!!!!
Now there is an additional selection of teas from England, France, and most recently, Finland (thanks, Teresa!)

Pictured are the newest arrivals from Finland- I'm having the ginger tea - it is delicious. The only reason I knew it was ginger, was from the picture on the package. Despite being of Finnish backround, on my mother's side - the language is a mystery to me.

Included are some licorice -  Scandinavian and definitely an acquired taste. Cute little box of pastilles- licorice with salt.......
Generous T sent me a coffee table book of Finnish recipes, and a tiny pin made from the brick of a building of some significance in Finland. What that significance is - she forgot - will have to google it!!!

And, what does Teresa get in return, for remembering me while she travels? Why, sweet potatoes of course!!!

We planted sweet potatoes, thinking that the curing and storage of them would be similar to regular white and red potatoes. It is not. So, I have way too many - some huge - 3  1/2 lbs- which will feed 3 people with some left over!!
I will be freezing, french frying, baking, and giving away potatoes.

All the while, enjoying my teas from overseas...........................

Please join Patty and Kimmie for a list of more tea fanciers, and feel free to join us each Tuesday to chat or share what tea you are drinking today!!!


  1. seems your sweet taters each have a "personality" of their own LOL

    funny about how tea seems to be a magnet for more tea...that keeps happening in my tea cabinet too :)

    Happy T to ya Pat!

  2. Happy Tuesday, good luck deciding which tea to drink first.

  3. I have a sweet potato vine growing in my flower beds. It is the most beautiful color green.
    I have lots of teas too and I just reach in with my eyes closed and then a surprise always comes out. LOL Happy tea day.

  4. I should have had some of the tea you sent me today, but went with an English breakfast instead. You deserve the wonderful gifts from other lands, and I want to search for the significance of that brick, too. Have a super TEA day, dear Pat.

  5. how lovely, Pat....enjoy your tea and have a good week!!!

  6. happy sweet potato eats
    and sipping of
    overseas teas!

  7. Hi Pat! I LOVE to have many tea choices! Like you said you can never have enough! Mine are not as exotic as yours though. Your sweet potatoes are huge! I could use some sweet potatoes fries about now. LOL Happy Tea on Tuesday!

  8. I would have a very hard time choosing, as well!

  9. You can never have too many tea choices!!
    I'll bet your sweet potatoes could be cooked, puréed and frozen for sweet potatoe pies .... Yum!!!

  10. Awesome post and your sweet potatoes are to die for! Have a great week! Peace, Mary Helen

  11. I agree, lots of tea choices is a wonderful, "problem" to have!! x

  12. Even without a cuppa tea I am enjoying your tea posts, yesterday and again today. I'm enjoying your f/b page too. Lennie

  13. Love the teas :) and the potatoes-yummy-french fried is one of my favourites with these.
    I'll be here for tea next tuesday :)