ABAA Photo Challenge

I completed another ABAA
(Awfully Big Art Adventure) challenge. This was a photo challenge, inspired by a guest artist. Click on ABAA
to read all about it!

I decided to combine the photo challenge with another, to create a junk journal. I wish I could remember where I saw this junk journal challenge!! If anyone out there knows - leave me a link??? Thanks!!

This junk journal is far from completed - but far enough along to pose for a few pix!! It will be a work in progress, since it is, after all, a journal!!!

I made the pages out of assorted colored paper of varied shapes and sizes. There is black, white, and plain old paper bag brown. The covers are cardboard from a cereal box, gessoed and painted. I punched holes and bound it together with colored ribbon.

The cover quote, which everyone attributes to Maya Angelou, is, surprise, not original to her!! If you read the fine print in the beginning of her book, this quote is from Paul Laurence Dunbar in his poem "Sympathy". The little pocket on the second page of my journal holds a little card telling the reader its true origin.

My favorite page so far is the back cover - I found a reprint of heirloom flowers in one of my stashes, and the green paint matched it so well!!
I have some tiny feathers (donated by my own bird crew) that will eventually refeather the little parrot - making him a tad more visible!!
So, here is is - in no particular order - since I haven't quite figured out how to control placement of the photos on 'blogger"!

Now I see that they ended up last pic first, so I guess in the future, I must load them in reverse order??
Well, another challenge completed - thanks, ladies of ABAA!!!


  1. This look as if it's going to be a really interesting project, and so glad that you found our challenge photo useful! It was my understanding that Maya Angelou only used the quote as the title for her autobiography.
    Rosie ABAA

  2. WOW Pat, your junk journal is fab! And what you've done with Aunt Rosina, she really 'needed' some flowers to hold, that was the one thing I wished I'd added to my arch! You can use a garden journal to capture some of what will be flying by in your garden! That print on the back IS wonderful!

  3. Your journal is fabulous Pat....love your blog as well !

  4. Brilliant Journal, My aunt would be so pleased. Thank you so much for using her picture, you have created a wonderful cover for your book, well done Jaqi