New Quilt for my Collection!

Went to an auction yesterday and there were some lovely quilts there. I don't really have the patience to hang around all day at an auction, so, I bid on one that was on the first wagon load of stuff. More on this auction on my other blog
I'll be running right over there to write all about it, after I post this one!!

The quilt is machine quilted, not hand, as I would have liked, but it is feed sack, with a white feed sack backing. The words on the back are faint, but can still be seen. It is kind of neat, and probably the only one that would have been in my price range!!!My husband about had a fit, and kept trying to take the auction number away from me!!!Oops - forgot to turn this picture upright!!! Oh, well.............

This quilt was made by the wife of the elderly man who used to own our property. She died several years ago, and he died just recently. It's kind of sad tho', when your life, and all you were, ends on an auction block. But, we accumulate so much stuff in our lives, and you can't take it with you..................

(Another blogger mentioned having trouble setting pictures on Blogger, the way she wants them - don't feel bad - I can do it on Wordpress, but not here, for some reason!!!)


  1. I think it's GREAT that the quilt you got was made by the wife of the previous property owner. Tell DH that the quilt BELONGS there and you just rescued it!!!

  2. Wow! Isn't that wonderful that this lovely's going home? It's supposed to be in your home. I do know about hubby's trying to take the fun out of shopping........ :-) Sometimes they just don't understand our NEED! Just tell him how much you saved buying this quilt at the auction and spend that money next time... ;-)

    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


  3. Way to go. A rescued quilt returns home.

  4. I love it that this quilt is back home where it belongs and with someone who will love it!!

    I too have a great quilt that has a wonderful feedsack backing. Not pretty, but wonderful and sturdy. Lennie

  5. Well even though there is sadness in the fact that all there belongings ended up auctioned away...there is certainly a happy ending in that the quilt has a new home and you are the new owner!

  6. I love the feed sack with writing on the back. I love all this stuff.

  7. I agree with Seth, it IS really nice that you have 'rescued' the quilt and now it has a happy home've brought it back home! awwww!