I Have a Wonderful Brother!!

A couple of months ago, my brother and I were talking "blogs" and among other things, Angela Cartwright's name came up. Partly because I follow her blog, partly because my brother has been a fan, and lives not too far from her neck of the woods.

Brother mentioned that he thought AC would be at a book signing near his home, and if he could, he would try to go.
Well, the whole family went, he bought me her latest book, she signed it, and graciously posed for a picture with my family!

Can you tell by my beaming brother, that he is standing by his childhood dream girl? Lost in Space, 4-eva!!!!The woman on his right is his grown up dream girl- his lovely wife!
Did I mention that I have a wonderful brother??? Can't wait to see this book!!!

(You can click on Angela's name to read her blog, and Brother to read his.)


  1. That is SO nice.....I am happy for you and you will have to let us know when the book is in your hands!

  2. Great picture Pat, sweet thoughtful brother, can't wait to hear about the book!