Tuesday Tea

I was setting up my tea, and trying to decide which one to have, when it dawned on me. Today is my daughter's birthday, and she loves tea- so I set it up for her. She was surprised as she staggered upstairs, bright and early, to grab a quick bite before heading out to work.
Katie was an avid fox hunter before we moved here, and her trusty steed got too old. I have been collecting hunt items for quite a while. So, what better breakfast for her than a hunt theme!
With all the teas I have in the house, her favorite is plain old Red Rose tea, straight up!!! Add oatmeal, and some dwarf lilacs, and she was good to go.
Happy birthday, Katie G!!!

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  1. What a sweet way for you to start your daughter's day!

  2. Such a nice thing to wake up to, wishing your daughter Katie a Happy Birthday. Hope the rest of her day is as great as the start!

  3. Happy Happy Bday to your sweet Katie!
    What a sweet and thoughtful Mom you are, the tea setting is wonderful and lucky you still having lilacs too!
    Enjoy * Enjoy!

  4. Yes, you are a sweet, thoughtful Mama! I bet she went to work feeling like "Queen for a day". It's nice she was there to share her birthday breakfast with.

  5. Oh how sweet! Happy birthday to Red Rose Katie!
    What a happy serendipity! I love your table setting - it's so personalized and special!

  6. You are a very sweet and thoughtful Mom and Katie is a very lucky birthday girl and how nice that you gals are three generations under one roof, I love that thought! Your tea is very personalized and all the sweeter, such a fine way to send the Birthday Girl Katie off to her appointed rounds for the day. Lennie

  7. soo sweet!! and i love your jump vase...priceless!!! what fun this is!!!

  8. i love the way you used your tea party day to bless your daughter's day and how it just keeps going round and round. I, regretfully, missed the tea party this week.. but I'll be back soon.