Tea Party Tuesday

Kimmie from Art in Red Wagons is inviting us all to have tea with her on Tuesdays and to share with all. I see Patty at Magpie's Nest has joined the party with an exquisite cup and my favorite flowers!

As I am running out the door ( and forgot about this until just now) I will share a pic of a typical "tea" for me!!
It is usually in one of my many handmade pottery mugs (not made BY me, mind you, just collected by me!)Mint tea is always a favorite, but I've started mixing the loose leaf teas to make my own blends!

I am either sitting at the computer with my tea, or at the d/r table watching the wild birds soar in for breakfast at the feeder. When it's not raining, me and my cuppa are at the barn!

Next week, I will be more prepared, with a fancy cup (or maybe another 'fancy' mug) and a neat tea!!

Please click on Kimmie's link above, and join the tea party!!!


  1. I love the picture. You could find many like that around my farm. I put my coffee cup on a fencepost and forget it for a few days. One of us eventually rounds them all up and brings them inside for washing when we notice we are low.

  2. What a beautiful cup and big sky backdrop - It looks like something Georgia O'Keefe would have :)

    Hmmm I love mint tea too!

    Hang in there with your rain ... it's what makes the whole wide world green and blooming .... maybe you should find some cute rainboots with polka dots or something - then you'll be looking forward to rain just to get a chance to wear them!

  3. Good Morning you! thanks for the mention :) Tea in mugs, especially handmade like yours, is also a favorite of mine. Love pottery and china! Wonder what treasures will find you, I mean you'll bring home today :) Hey, I remember blue sky like that!

  4. love the mug on a fencepost, and that clear blue sky. Where did you find that bit of sky, none up our way yet. Loved Patty's lovely tea spread too this morning. Lennie

  5. Great photo!! I have a mug very much like that one! I like it because it is big and heavy. I got it as a gift from the artist/potter who made it. His little boy comes to my daycare. I like to go in his gallery and oogle all his art, heehe! He has a bathroom sink he makes that is rustic looking and has raised trout swimming around the bowl. You can check out his stuff here:



  6. oo pray tell, what lives in the barn! do you have horsies?? i love pottery too...are you going to share your special blend tea recipes?? your photo is really fun!



  7. You'll just have to check out my other blog for the country gal stuff - horses in the barn and much more!!!! http://www.ooglebloops.wordpress.com
    And maybe next week, if I am organized - I will share a tea blend recipe!!!:>)

  8. Sounds like the perfect place to me :)