The Lonely Easel

Well, since my first attempt at sketching in a long time(see previous post), the pad and pencils have been active every morning!!!

I received lots of kind comments on my sketch, and find myself now, early in the morning, with tea and pencils in hand.Love my colored pencils!!!

I found a cool vintage easel a few years ago, in a dusty corner of an antique shop. I have a friend who does pleine aire painting with a similar easel, and a mom who used to do lovely oil paintings. I thought if I brought this easel home and set it up with all that was needed to create, it would inspire someone to sit in front of it.

Well, this has been a lovely vignette, but a very lonely one!! No one has been inspired to sit and create.The friend lives too far away, and mom doesn't paint any more. I haven't really done anything with a paintbrush except paint furniture or walls!

Until now, that is......!

I feel like I am getting warmed up, with pencils in hand every morning! But, being of scattered mind, I wonder how long this will last! There is always another artistic endeavor that will veer me off course!

But, for now,I am happy drawing and/or doodling.Tomorrow's project is sketching the little angel wing begonia cutting on the dining room table.

Yesterday and today's project is a little mushroom "art" - 'shrooms- this is going to be my next spoonflower fabric design. We'll see how it goes.................

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