ABAA Seashell Challenge

A rainy day here on the farm - I could have been doing soooo many other things that needed to be done indoors. But, I chose to whip up the latest challenge from Awfully Big Art Adventure with things I had around the house.

All these items, with the exception of the inks used, are thrift store finds!
The green frame seemed perfect for this project. The vintage starfish brooch had been waiting for a new place to "hang"! The backround behind the starfish is the cardboard from a Puffs Plus tissue box, with blue vegetable netting for water. The vintage gummed label 'needed' my little seashore sketch with the title typed on my own vintage typewriter.
The strip of hooks holding the tags is from a corset or girdle - it was left behind on one of the wagons at the auction I went to over the weekend. I saw it and knew it would be perfect for hanging tags on in some future project!

I have a alphabet set from Stampin' Up, and used upper and lower case on the inked tags. The tags and strings were distressed with Tim Holts' "old paper" distressed ink. I also used generic $1 ink pads, and Anne Griffin Chocolate ink.

I suppose I could fancy it up more- but I'm done - less is more for me in this project!!You can click on each picture for a closer look.This piece will be available on ETSY today!

And, now, on to things I SHOULD be doing!!!!


  1. You are TOO much....I love the various components of this piece and I love the finished project, too. Sometimes unique art projects are done that do NOT appeal to me, but this one does.

  2. What fun, I adore the use of the girdle - that's tickled me pink - absolutely brilliant!
    I love the face in the pearl button, that's a lovely idea, a picture frame in miniature in another picture frame. I could relax the day away on your doodled beach!

  3. SO glad you had some time to play and what you have created is just splendid Pat, Love every detail. This would look great in my mermaid bathroom ;) I must get busy on my seashell project (Love that challenge), you've inspired me!

  4. I too, loved the girdle piece, too funny and Chocolate Ink, Oh My! Nice job, Lennie

  5. This is just great Pat...I am so glad you joined in!! I love the fact that its 'green' and those corset hooks are pure genius!!!
    Linda xx

  6. I just stumbled on your blog. Oh so fun! I love this mixed media art piece. I, too, mix up paper with other stuff. Very cool and inspiring. Hope you visit the Mermaids blog. We're all about inspiration, too!

    ~Mermaid Shelley

  7. This is just amazing! So whimsical and fun! I LOVE the row of hooks .... the reversed canvas - EVERYTHING about it! Great job!

  8. This great! That color screams seashells by the seashore. ~Mindy

  9. Your center piece is so pretty and your tags adorable!

  10. An inspired piece of recycling - like everyone else I think the corset hooks are great fun, and I particularly love the deep see green shade you've used. Gorgeous work and thanks for taking part again!
    Rosie ABAA

  11. How lovely, those little tiny shells are so sweet, Well done, Jaqi