Tea on Tuesday

It's Tuesday and time for tea with Kimmie and Patty, and whoever else wants to join the party!!!
I started out with tea on the front steps, and then the rains came - again!!!!
So, I grabbed my favorite pottery mug and scurried back inside.
This is my little reading corner, in the guest/computer room. I am drinking Yogi green tea triple echinacea. It has in it, among other things, organic green tea leaf,lemongrass, spearmint,echinacea root,licorice, elderberry, and kombucha.

The tag on the tea bag imparts the wise words: Wisdom, character, and consciousness conquer all.

This mug, made by Bay Pottery, Broadway, Va was the one that started me on my thrift store search for pottery! It was a mere 50 cents, and I've been hooked ever since. I'm not just hooked on Bay pottery, but all kinds- my kitchen cabinets are starting to overflow!!I love the look of mix and match hand made pottery in a place setting.
(By the way, EVERYTHING in the reading corner pic, was "rescued" from a thrift store or yard sale!Except for the little heart quilt on the wall - that is the first quilt I ever made, I had no clue what I was doing -don't look too close!It is made from all the dresses and nightgowns I made for my daughter when she was little)

I hope you all decide to join us for Tea on Tuesdays- just show us what you're having and link us up!


  1. What a lovely place to sit and relax! Even better that all the items were rescued, looks so "pieceful". (Sorry, I couldn't resist ;-)

  2. Me thinks you collect to many things! I loved having dinner at my grandma's house, where none of the dishes matched. She had the original Fiesta. And I love how you made that quilt out of your daughter's clothing items. Quilting doesn't have to be perfect. It's art and love are more important.

  3. Patty had rain too! Was yours as torrential? What a fabulous corner of your own! I love the idea of a quilt from such treasured things (too good for rags) .... another amazing handmade mug - these are just gorgeous!!!

    Have a sweet sweet day!

  4. You display and use your treasures so beautifully Pat making them your own! The Yogi tea tags are always so uplifting aren't they! OK, you know I had to look at the close up views, your heart quilt is so very special and pretty, a family heirloom already! Inquiring minds here....what is the fancy oval/round thing in the last pic under the lamp? With all this rain (we had 4.5" overnight) I can almost "hear" the grass growing ;)
    I am ready for a second cup of tea, it's finally so nice and cool again.

  5. I'm loving looking in on you gals on Tuesday! Enjoy! Lennie

  6. The oval "thing" is a z-egg-tangle "egg"- here's the post about it

  7. Pat, love your little corner. And the handmade quilt. And the other finds you have. I have your little camel sitting on the windowsill of my new home. He is looking out the window at the world go by. I need to dig up your address again as i would love to send you something for your kindness.