Eeny, Meenie, Miney , Mo........

...into which mug will my tea go???????

I've collected so many pottery mugs over the past year, that it's hard to use them all!! Collecting them has become an addiction- but there is nothing like drinking your tea out of a mug someone made by hand.

I guess today I will use Richard's Japanese salt fired mug and teapot, altho I love these "new" thrift store mugs made in 2001 by a local potter, Mike Yoder! Decisions, decisions......

If only life's daily decisions were as easy as choosing what mug to use...................

While drinking my Stash Lemon Blossom caffeine free tea on the porch, my shivers from the chilly morning were warmed by the patch of sun at the edge of the deck. The hummingbirds buzzed at top speed around my head - wondering why I was invading "their" breakfast nook this early in the morning!

Be sure to drop in on the other "members" of our tea party-their links can be found at Kimmie's place!


  1. Love your tea with a view! Sounds and looks just perfect! Happy Tea Tuesday!

  2. Oh...I love mugs like that!!!! Mine is full of coffee right now!

  3. Every time I see one of your mugs - I want to go out looking for them. Beautiful! I see your purple coneflowers too - also called echinacea - which I give a mention to on my tea post today

    Blessings on your day today! Cheers! Happy Tuesday!

  4. We are morn mugs, too. BUT where are you getting all the 'hummers from ... ours have flown the coupe. Lovely setting on your porch ... TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Love the thrift store mugs and your purple coneflower. Great way to start the day!!