Award Time

Imagine my surprise, while reading my bloggy friend Linda's latest post, to find that she had some very sweet words to say about me and "presented" me with an award!!! Coulda knocked me over with the proverbial feather, but I very happily accept and was finally able to claw my way out of some level of computer illiteracy and figure out how to post the award in my sidebar!!! Sentiments right back atcha' Linda........:>)

Blogging has opened a whole new world for me, that I look forward to checking in every morning. I have made some wonderful cyber friends, acquaintances,and connections, and have learned so much along the way- whether it be in the world of art, farming, or computerese!!!

So, now I get to pass the award along. I will only pass it to one - even tho alot of people would and do deserve it. It goes to people who are warm, caring and sharing, who maybe have alot on their plate or in their lives some days, but always manage to post with a smile!!! The words I "borrowed" from one of the original posts of this award( the blog that awarded it to Linda): "people you admire, you are learning from and those who inspire you enough at succeeding with your next project".

I pick Patty to pass this on to! She was the one who got me into blogging a year or so ago, and never fails to amaze me with the depth of her artsy knowledge and her endless talent- sometime to the point of greenish tinged envy!! LOL

So, thanks again, Linda, and now the award is passed on to Patty!!! And, I, go on with the rest of my day, with a smile on my face and a skip in my step..........


  1. Aren't you a sweetie. Congrats on your honor & to Patty ... TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Awww Pat, what a doll you are!
    Congrats! You certainly deserve this special award and I am blushing at you picking me to pass it along to....many many thanks dear friend,
    I am really touched and so honored!!!
    It is special people like yourself that help to make the land of blog such a special place! oxo

  3. How nice that you chose someone who truly did have such a positive influence on one of your biggest projects...starting a blog!!! And...congrats to you on getting the award from Linda. It is well-deserved, I'd say.

  4. Big Congratulations Pat and to you too, Patty, from Pat and me too!!!! You gals are the very best, so creative, so enriching for the lives of others in so many ways. Keep going!!! Lennie

  5. Congratulations, I love your blog and you are so right about Patty :)