Tuesday Tea

Today's post is short and sweet - just like my tea....................

My version of sun tea - tea bag in a mug of water - left on the porch in the sun. A couple of minutes later - voila - tea!!!!!!!!
A new tea - PG Tips from England-tips meaning they only take the top 2 leaves and bud to make their tea. Company started by Arthur Brooke in 1869.
And, the tea is in a cool pyramid shaped stringless bag.

Today's mug is a brown spongeware Workshops of Gerald Henn - thrift store find (of course). I bought a pair of them - the brown was an early color - the company is no longer in business, so I guess these are now collectibles! For a while Workshops was a competitor of Longaberger. Guess who won..........Love the shape of these mugs!

Please visit Kimmie to visit other tea "parties"!! We'll see you next Tuesday for tea - please join us!!!


  1. That's Judy Post's favorite tea! They serve it at The British Pantry!
    Great view of your country driveway! Any birdies nesting?

  2. I love that tea!
    fabulous top photo with the perspective .... you are the mug maven :)

    Happy T on Tuesday!

  3. I, too, love the photo of the road. And the shape of your pretty mug!

  4. PG tips! How very English! Made me feel quite at home - thanks oogles and also for your comments on my (English) blog - I will be back to catch up with your very interesting blog

  5. Hey, I have that same mug only in blue. It was my favorite one for a LONG time!

  6. Hi, I,m cottonreel ,I,m mainly p/q but I wear many hats and try all sorts of crafts. Your mug reminded me when I did a pottery decorating course at adult college, you can get the effect that is on your mug, e,g. plain white pots, porcelain paint, a little make up sponge , dab dab,bake in the oven. Whad,ya know! designer ware.

  7. I have just developed a love of hot tea. We drink sweet tea/cold year round here in Atlanta. I'm really loving hot tea. I will listen and learn more about tea from you.


  8. Somehow I missed this post. Luckily cottonreel posted about it. Yaay.

    I love my PG Tips tea in the pyramid bags. I first learned about it on my one trip to England. I kept seeing the adverts while waiting for the tube. (mind the gap!) Later I saw it in a grocery while still in England and bought a box to bring home. Ahhh bliss. Now I can find it locally at times.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  9. I love the brown Henn ware. I have some in blue, but I'll have to be on a search/treasure hunt for the brown now :)