A Short Little "Postie"!!!

I have just spent 2 hours listing on eBay - as I have the past couple of mornings!!! Kind of limits my other cyber space time!! But if you get a chance - drop in and see what's listed in my "tornado" sale!!
Everything from Wedgwood, Swarovski, teddy bears, hedgehogs, quilt tops, horse tack- it's never ending with new listings each day!!!
Maybe I'll get to read blogs later, but right now, it's on to real life and chores on my to-do list!!!

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  1. Good luck with this chore...I know it's a BIG task with having to get all that stuff out of "Tornado Alley" and listed online. Wish I lived closer, as I'd be happy to help you in whatever way I could. (I knew you weren't reading blogs as I was quite sure you'd have commented on my little granddaughter's first horse-back riding lesson.) Take care and don't get yourself too stressed over things...if possible. (I know...easier said than done.)