Disintegration Project

I participated in Seth's The Altered Page Disintegration Project a while back. Today is the big reveal - of what everyone did with their weathered objects. My pile of stuff has not made it past the "plan on paper" stage. I don't have the eye to put something together like that, I guess.

But my bloggy friend Kimmie at Art in Red Wagons definitely is one of those with "the eye"!! She has the ability to take such disparate things and put them together in a truly artistically pleasing way. I am amazed. My friend Patty has that talent also. I am jealous!!!

I am not sure if Patty has her reveal up yet, but Kimmie does. Drop over and see what she has created - it's beautiful.

And visit Seth's blog - to see a list of amazingly talented people who can make something wonderful out of nothing, with ease.

And, maybe later today, I will add the sketch of my 'idea' for my reveal...................or maybe not!!!


  1. Not to worry, oogle, you should show your design on paper! It'd be fun. Thanks for your comments on mine. xx

  2. Hello there ~ my big reveal is stalled for one reason and another and another. Thanks for the shout out my friend :)
    I know your creativity is worth waiting for!!!

  3. Oh gosh - I sure hope you post your design. Just go for it. Can't wait to see your idea, I'm sure it will be wonderful!

  4. Came to check on you LOL!
    Seth's project is so amazing! I was happy to finally get my project posted, now I'm off to see everyone's creativity! Hope you're having a great day!