Mirror, Mirror, on the....... Ground???

I found it!!! I was wracking my brain, trying to remember which blog I had seen a wonderful little fairy "pond", which had inspired me to create mine!!! After spending waaay too much time revisiting the blogs I have read over the weekend, I finally re-found Lisannerosalie!

I wanted to give credit where credit was due, even tho my little "pond" is no where near finished, and certainly not as cute as hers!!!

I put my little fairy pond in the lavender garden in a dry patch of dirt that was impatiently awaiting more lavender!!! I am not sure if the fairies will show up - but the hummingbirds and the toads certainly will!!

I used river rock, and am already having a vision of another little "pond" using more colorful rocks my mom collected for me in her travels over the years. And, yet another,could be created in an indoor dish garden. Another one I hope to attempt indoors is in a terrarium - similar to what Rowans Art has done! I happen to have a very similar Victorian style terrarium, sitting empty on my porch. Herbs or African violets, surrounding a fairy pond would be just the thing!

Small mirrors can be found in interesting shapes and sizes. And, I think repurposing a shard of broken mirror in this way, would dispel the 7 years bad luck threatened by a broken mirror!!!!

Mirrors, especially antique hand held ones, have always held a fascination for me- as I have written in a previous post, in another blog, long, long ago......
Altho I don't look into them as much any more,age has erased that craving(!)-I love to look thru them and wonder who has been reflected there before, and what have they seen. The images these old looking glasses have absorbed......if only they could reveal them to us!

The day was a bit overcast as I tried snapping a few photos of the little "pond" - in this one, you can catch a glimpse of lavender buds and maybe a bit of cloud....

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  1. OK I'm gonna do this ;)

    ....and I DO see the lavender buds and cloud in the sky :)

  2. I too spotted the lavender buds and the cloud in the sky, great job. I must think about this and see what I might try, vry cool idea. Lennie

  3. It's really magical looking already! Love what you said about 'looking glasses'...you silver tongued lady you!
    I'm linking you for tea tomorrow :) are you gonna play?

  4. What a darling idea...a fairy pond. Maybe next year...