Thou Shalt Not Steal nor a Borrower Be...................

While checking my other blog yesterday, I noticed a link on my blog stats.

I followed it back to the source and found a religious blog, and there at the top of the blog was one of my photos of my church pew!

There was no indication in his post that the photo was mine ( altho when I went back later, I realized if I clicked on the picture, it would bring the clicker back to my blog).

But, not everyone knows or thinks to do that. It looks like he tried to put another pew photo from Flicker on his site - but it did not go thru. I don't think those pix were his either.

I thought it a little ironic that some of the text of his post was about not coveting and thou shalt not steal...........should he be excused because he is a pastor - or unaware of cyber etiquette?
Maybe I am over reacting - and maybe I should be pleased that he liked my photo enough to use it?

I checked with my friend Patty about this, and she gave me a link to a wonderful blog and a post on art piracy. Tumblefish Studio also has a link to a flicker site where you can see beautiful ATC's
that you can put on your blog - with permission, of course!! You could also create your own!

For right now - I just wrote up a little blurb, that I will try to post permanently in my sidebar- and maybe at the end of every post ( altho that is a pain). I would like to mark all my photos posted as mine - got to figure out how to do that also!!

My words and my photos are important to me.

"Look, but don't touch!
Enjoy, but don't borrow.
Use your own imagination, not mine! Yours is probably better anyway!
Thou shalt not steal!
Always ask permission.

Any art, words, or photos are MINE and copyrighted, unless otherwise indicated!
I always try to give credit where credit is due, and so should you............."


  1. I always love to pop in and see what you are up too. I have not been online much lately....We are redecorating our great room and the new granite counter tops come Tuesday so I have been on a tight schedule with the painting. I just had to take a little break this morning and do some visiting. You have had some great posts lately...Love the shot of your dog, heehe! Your studio is looking good. The whole copyright thing is frustrating, isn't it. I have to admit I am guilty of collecting photos I love just so I can look at them again. I try to never use them without permission and acknowledgement. Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. That is frustrating, & indeed very ironic!
    "Thou shalt not steal" If it were me, I'd ask him to remove my photo from his site!

  3. you can mark all your photos in Adobe photoshop......i do some of mine, however, like you said it's a pain......i don't think anyone would want mine anyway

  4. I am sure I would contact this person and suggest that he remove your photo OR else give credit. And suggest that stealing is stealing in whatever form. To quote many sermons I have heard "there are no small sins!"

  5. You have a fun and lovely blog. As I read back posts, I came across this one. I did a whole post on blogs and copyright laws because most of us tend to feel very protective of our blogs, our photos, our crafted creations etc.

    The gist of it is that almost nothing we post belongs to us unless what is 'stolen' is exact wording with a photo tutorial..that sort of thing. And even then none of us has a 'copyright'.

    We have 'creative commons licensing'...sort of like...'be a good sport, now!' but in reality all of our image servers tell us in the fine print that they have the right to put our images in google images

    It's why nothing we put on the Internet ever goes away and why there can be no copyright on ideas. The patent office is rarely used by even quilters and artists with patterns they sell. Yet we all put the little copyright symbol or the warnings and think that makes it legally copy righted.

    It's a fascinating subject but it makes us all upset to realize it. Just remember that being online is sharing in all ways..see my sidebar for my info I put into an article. Just know ...and be proud...that your photos, your ideas,and your blog is artfully done!!!