Tea on Tuesday

I am posting this a little early - don't peek til tomorrow!!! I have alot of running around to do tomorrow - and know I won't get to posting it in a timely manner!!!

Last year, I found a neat hunt scene padded box at the thrift store. Never knew what it was for, but I would find a use for it.

Last week, I was on eBay and came across the same box - it holds tea!! Sooo, of course I had to bid on it - and got it for 94 cents plus shipping!! What a deal!!!!

This tea is very neat - green tea in individual tin infusers.The history is on the back of the box and also a little blurb on how to drink tea the eastern European way!!

I actually stuck this infuser in one of my little teapots and got several cups of tea out of it - both hot and cold. It is really good!!


  1. What a neat box! Hey...you need to learn to pre-schedule your posts...it's very easy to do and you can schedule them for any date you want. I have found it very useful on MANY occasions when I knew I was going to be too busy to do the post on the same day.

  2. It's like you're "growing" tea LOL. What fun, leave to you to find a treasure such as this, or did it find you??? :)
    Happy Tea Tuesday!

  3. Wow, what a find! It seems funny that there would be a very british hunt scene on a box of eastern european green tea :) I love the careful instructions regarding the use of a sugar cube .... this is just too cool!

    Happy Tuesday :)

  4. What a great, neat, cheap find! I love the box & I'm sure the tea was wonderful!