Tea on Tuesday

And the birthday goodies keep on coming!!!

Today I got two surprise packages in the mail- one from my brother- a box FULL of books!! Two favorites were one on altered book making, and another on DIY Renegade Crafters. I lent the books to my mom to read, so I can't tell you the exact titles!!!

The other was a little package with dancing, glittery kewpie babies on the outside of the envelope, from Kimmie at art in red wagons!
What a lovely surprise - a brown package nicely tied in yarn, with a beautiful altered puzzle piece - cowboy, horse and little cowboy hat!!!I love it!!! I now own an original by Kimmie!!! Woohoo!!! Inside the package was a bag of tea leaves, from Everything Tea, in Kimmie's home town of Snohomish.

Of course, the timing couldn't have been better- guess what my tea for Tuesday is?????It is delicious, and so aromatic - I am still trying to identify the ingredients...............

I brewed up a batch, and instead of one of my many pottery mugs, I filled my rarely used Prince Albert China tea cup, and perused and devoured all the books from my brother. I was also enjoying the last piece of my 'featherweight' pound cake, and the last surviving flowers ( now dried statice) from the birthday bouquet from my mom.One can only extend her birthday so far...............!!!LOL My birthday month has come to an end!!

There is a quote somewhere - maybe from CS Lewis - there can never be enough tea or enough books................that about sums it up!!

Thank you Kimmie SO MUCH!!! And, thanks brother Bill- good job on the books!!!

Be sure to visit Kimmie and Patty and all our other tea loving friends for tea today. Feel free to join us on Tuesdays- what's in your tea cup?????


  1. Did I miss your birthday Pat??? Shucks!!! What a beautiful cuppa AND Kimmie is a doll and so talented too! Here is a birthday blessing for you:

    May the long time sun shine upon you
    All Love surround you
    and the pure Light within you
    Guide your way on

    hope the celebrating continues * Enjoy * Enjoy dear friend!!!

  2. Darn, I missed your birthday. But not everyone is so brazen as to form a block exchange for one's own birthday celebration! Sounds like you've had a good month. I saw that picture of the tea from Snohomish and had to be sure I was reading the right blog!!! Let it last.

  3. I think you're having a birth-season .... not just a birth-day :)

    The tea is called "Evening in Missoula" and the ingredients are: star anise, chamomile, damiana, horsetail, hyssop, lavender, lemon grass, lemon peel, papaya leaf, passion flower, peppermint, plantian, raspberry leaf, red clover, rosehips, spearmint, strawberry leaf, vanilla, wild cherry bark and wintergreen.

    It's one of my favorites ...

    The shop here in Snohomish has over 250 loose teas to choose from. Here's their website: Everything Tea

    Happy Tea on Tuesday!

  4. Thank you, thank you Kimmie!!! Anise was the flavor I couldn't place!! And I don't know why - since I love anise!!!As soon as the batteries on my camera charge up - I will have to write a post on the teas I found today!!!!I'm excited!!!!

  5. I love Kimmie's idea of having a birth season in lieu of a birthday! And what a fantastic tea. I always learn something new. Lennie

  6. Hope you had a wonderful 'birthday season' fellow Leo! I'm still boggle-eyed after reading the list of ingredients in the tea Kimmie sent you....must taste amazing!