Etsy Shop Closeout!

My Etsy shop has not had alot of traffic of late. Even tho it is inexpensive to keep, I am thinking of closing it for now and just using eBay for awhile. Just too many things to keep track of!!!
So, from now until Monday, Aug 24th, all items are 20% off, with the mention of "blogger".
So, spread the word, click on the links
You never know - there might just be something you HAVE to have there!! :>)


  1. oh, your hot links have double HTTP's in them...can you fix them....

    (thought you would want to know)

  2. there's some secret to success on etsy - and I haven't discovered it yet ;)

  3. Just thought I would drop by and say "Hey". (I publish Pasticcio with Angela, and write and edit.)

  4. i totally understand! i kinda closed mine kept open for commissions and such