River Rocks and Cairns

I was passing the time in the horse paddock last night, and started looking for interesting rocks. One thing led to another, and I started stacking them on the fence posts and trying to get that "perfect" photo!

I kind of like the way they turned out - it isn't too difficult with river rocks- their shapes lend themselves to stacking perfectly!

I will have to go check in a bit, to see if they are still stacked, or if a nosy horse or the wind nudged them over!

For some really fancy rock piles, check out:


It makes you wonder how in the world did they do that - without glue!!!

Historically, rock stacks, or cairns, were used as navigational markers. New Agers in Sedona use them to mark vortices. It's really quite interesting.

Mine aren't anywhere near that impressive or mystical- they are just for fun!!
I couldn't choose my favorite picture out of the 4 cairns, so here are all!!!!!


  1. WOW...very nice and I really enjoyed seeing the links you provided. It is amazing the way they get rocks to defy gravity with NO glue, as you said.

  2. very interesting......you must have been really bored. lol

  3. love those rocks. I have one that I ordered from a catalog and it has a rod runnng thru all 5 rocks to hold them in place, I like that so the critters don't knock them over and the neighbor children. You are lucky to have that river full of rocks, they are flat and as you say, lend themselves to stacking easily. great pictures of all of them. Lennie

  4. At dinner time tonite - the jarring of the thundering hooves - toppled the stack in the 2nd pic! But, the rest are still standing!!!

  5. Great pics :) my favourite is the second from the bottom, but love them all.
    I collect rocks from the river and paint on them--usually smaller ones :) There is something very calming about rocks.
    Now, to go check out the site, thanks..

  6. omg.....i will email some rock cairns from along my way.....like along the road to arroyo seco north of taos, nm....looks just like your 5th pic with the mountains in the background.

  7. OH I Love cairns and rocks in general. Yours are each wonderful! Each has it's own personality = Love them all!!!
    Here is a link to a blog post I did on the topic AND the link you gave for rock-on-rock-on-rock sure looks like the same guy we saw in Sausilito!!! Small world

  8. I'm an avid rock collector too. I've always got a rock or two in my pocket. I love painting them as well. Your rock piles are great. My favourite is the second from the bottom as well. I would have thought that it should have been the first to topple in a gust of wind. Those top three rocks seem to be sitting very precariously on there! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  9. Wonderful rock photos. We used to live in the SoCal desert and nearby were the most amazing huge rock mountains - whole mountains of them - balanced by nature and unbelievable.