Pay it Forward!!!!

During my blog surfing one day, I came across the phrase, "Pay it forward"
This piqued my interest, so I clicked on the blog and read further. The blog is My Quilted Nest
She was the recipient of a 'pay it forward' gift, and was now paying it forward. I signed up, (who could resist?), and now I am paying it forward. I have not received my goody in the mail - but I know it will come someday when I least expect it!!! It's also a great blog - you should drop in!!!

I "lifted" the explanation below from Quilted Nest, hope she doesn't mind.

" If you are unfamiliar with the process, it works like this: the first three people who comment on this post will receive something hand-made (and maybe a little something extra!) from me within the next 365 days. In turn, you promise to pay it forward and make something for three people who comment on your blog. It's way fun."

I may change the time frame a little- in 365 days, I would forget who gets what - so I will make it 3 months. With no distractions on my end, the commentor may get their gift alot sooner!!! All goodies will be different - and right now I have no clue what they will be!!!

Remember, it is limited to the 1st THREE people who leave a comment and are bloggers and followers, or are bloggers and become a follower.............then you must promise to pay it forward on your blog.

Ready, set, GO!!!!!!!

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  1. I'll play along if you need me. (BUT if there are 3 others who desperately want it, that's fine, why in the next sentences or two!) I have 6 PIF gifts in progress of being made right now......and I was hoping to get ALL of them done before I send any out, but I may send each out as it's done. (It's been about 5 months already for me...YIKES.....the time has flown.) I figure by now, the gals who are getting them might have forgotten and so this will be a big surprise when the PIF gifts start to arrive at their homes!