The Mailman Cometh and Treasures in a Trashbag!!!

I love when the mailbox is full - and I had a package in my mailbox yesterday!!! That always makes me happy!!!

I won a prize at Linda's Fiber Fabrications - it was a beautiful length of wool roving from her beautiful alpacas!!! So, now I will be playing with wool!!! Linda has made some wonderful needle felted pincushions, and I have been roaming the internet looking for tutorials on how to proceed. I think I have it - but only doing it for real will tell if I really do "have" it!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Linda!!!!! And a special thank you to the sweet alpacas who donated the fiber!!!!

In my searching, I came across this amazing website - this woman creates totally realistic wool felted animals! Check this out

Another great how-to site on machine felting is

When I went to the farmers' market this morning, the llama farmer was there - we have been missing each other - one week I am there and he is not, and vice versa!! Some how we got on the subject of wool a couple of weeks back, and he mentioned that he would be glad to give me some from his llamas. And, boy, did he come thru today!!!! A huge black trash bag - filled to the brim with all colors of llama fiber!! Woohoo!!! And, he said if I wanted more, he'd be glad to bring me some more - I AM in trouble now................!!!

Tomorrow will be play with wool day!!! I have nothing else to do- (except garden and the usual animal husbandry!!:>) )I am going to get out my new felting needles, and my vintage carding combs, and see what I can do with all this wool!!! After all, I will definitely need something to show next Saturday at the farmers market!!!


  1. Awesome! Wool roving is so fun to play with! Have fun... ;-)

  2. I would be TOTALLY lost at knowing what to do with that, but since you know what to do with it, what a GOLDMINE that is for you!!! Please show photos of what you make with it, okay?

  3. Can't wait to see what you create! Lennie

  4. oooo the wool DOES look soft and so yummy too! I am finding it harder to resist needle felting, a friend took a class on the Eastern Shore, you should see the 3D birdie she made! I want to felt a bar of soap and found a great tutorial, it looks easy peasy!
    Thank you for the link to the gal that does animals and more, she's wonderful too!
    I am shaking my head at myself...I should be cleaning up....not starting something new....but so far it's all safely in my head *ggg*

  5. I just love the natural browns ..... I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  6. One bag full, wow what a gift! I'm so anxious to see what you do with it.
    Please show us the process too, with the combs :)

    Thanks for the links too :)