From Apples to Aprons!

Being of scattered mind, I tend to flit from one project to another! Anyone else have that problem????

I just finished making a bushel of apple pincushions for the farmers' market, when a pile of discarded vintage linen tablecloths caught my eye at the thrift store where I volunteer. They were deemed unfit for sale, because of a teeny stain here or there. Of course, I couldn't see them being tossed, so they came home with me!!

The first tablecloth was so pretty, I hated to cut it, but cut I did, and turned it into an apron. The leftover scraps will end up as sachets, pincushions, and pillowcases.

I have alot of half aprons in my store inventory that are not moving right now. I prefer full bib aprons myself, so I took a couple of the half aprons, and turned them into bib aprons. Those discarded tablecloths are going a long way!! I was really tempted to keep a couple of the "new" aprons for myself - but I have enough aprons in my pantry now, that I could wear a different one each day for a couple of weeks!!

I took one of the aprons to the shop, and used my dressmaker dummy for photos for them all. I was trying to find a place in the store with no backround distractions - but that was impossible!!! My area is small, so I couldn't get the whole apron in the shot without tripping over someone else's inventory!! So, I dragged Ms. Dummy into the aisle and started snapping away!!

I don't use a pattern, so I guess you could say these are OOAK aprons! I probably should make a paper pattern for the ones that turn out well, so I can replicate the design! But, I am not yet that organized!!

The blue flowered apron (my favorite!) started life as a rather unattractive smock apron, destined for the rag pile. I took it home, and thought about it for awhile, cut it into pieces,and gave it a whole new look. I had some bakelite buttons in my stash that went perfectly, I think.I kept the 3 or 4 pockets the smock style had. I really like this one - but it will be on etsy shortly. The white cutwork apron with blue ties is in my "land" shop.

The 3rd one started out as a handkerchief half apron from my shop inventory- I added the top from the cutwork linen tablecloth. This one will also be in the etsy shop.

Today is another day, I wonder where my mind will take me!!! :>)


  1. I adore old tablecloths and hate to cut into them. You found a treasury!! I would like to make a skirt or blouse out of one. What fun. And I have also found the half aprons are not as popular.

  2. What a darling idea .. love them! I guess the imagination is unlimited to these vintage fabrics ... so clever you are. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Those aprons are very nice Pat. Like the full apron idea, may have to dig out a few here. You have me thinking. Good Luck with your new apron venture, good tme with the new Julia Child movie about to hit the theatres. Lennie

  4. These are so creative and lovely, what a great imagination! Christen

  5. A scattered mind is okay - a scattered body, not so much.

    Your aprons turned out lovely! I especially like the first one; it's quite sexy for an apron! What a great way to use the old tablecloths that would otherwise be discarded.

  6. Great job! It is so awesome to repurpose things.

  7. Hi, I'm Holly and I'm in VA, too! If I could sew, I'd sew aprons! Strait lines and I don't get along! ♥

  8. you are an awesome inspiration!! the aprons are great!!! wish i could whip something like that up as quick, lol...xo

  9. I am glad that there is someone else in this world that goes from one project to the next without completion.