This, That & the Other..................

Wow! Every morning, so many blogs to follow, so many new posts to read, so many challenges to participate in, so many contests and giveaways to enter!

The mind boggles, and being of scattered mind anyway, I get soooo flustered and don't know where to go first!!!

To all the blogs I follow, I do read you all every day - but may not have the time to comment, enter or participate all the time! I would never leave the house, if I didn't step away from blogland occasionally!!! Blogland is definitely fun, inspiring, educational, AND addictive!!!

I have been busy sewing - have a bunch of dance shoe totes that need to be delivered to the dance studio this weekend- here's hoping they sell!! Last night I completed the tiny little "Vera Who??" ballet tote. It's so cute - I will have to take a pic and post it later!

In an attempt to " lure" some new customers in- I paid for some additional advertising on Etsy's Storque Showcase. Not sure if this will pay off, since it appears to be difficult for non members to find the link.But it was a minimal investment- I may give it one more try, and advertise on Etsy's main home page. Has anyone out there used Etsy's showcase before?

Here is the Link

Look for the little green apple and click on it - that's me!!!

I have checked in with Etsy, Twitter, Blogger,Wordpress, email, and FB-and the morning networking is complete!! So, again, it is time to step away from the computer, and step back into the "real" world!! Horses, dogs, garden, sewing, and life await!!! I'll check back in later..............


  1. It is mind boggling. I try to keep my list short, but if you look at my blog, you will see I haven't been very successful; either that or I don't know the definition.

  2. You can just hop, skip & jump thru the notes ... I have to. It is fun & very addicting, also. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. we're alike, I too and scatter brained and can't deceide where to go first and what to read first.

  4. I know exactly what you mean... it is so easy to lose hours in Blogland without even feeling the time pass. Sometimes a dose of reality is what you need! Dogs, kids, husbands, sewing machines - they all demand our attention too. Thank goodness for that!