Is This Art?

I think so!!!
I was thumbing thru' my son's Details magazine and came across a brief article on this Georgia artist.

Check out this "Ghost in the Machine" series by Erika Iris Simmons

Not only is it amazing art - it is recycling at it's best!!!! She takes old VHS and cassette tapes and incorporates them into her art. Her film reel of Alfred Hitchcock is very cool!!! Based in Atlanta, her pieces start at $1,000.

In a totally different art direction, I stopped at a yard sale over the weekend, and purchased this gorgeous tiger! When I first looked at it, w/o my glasses, I thought it was a photograph. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was needlepoint!!! A local woman makes these, just as a hobby and stress reliever. She was selling them for $10 each!!!  Each one was more beautiful and realistic than the next- I had a hard time making a choice. Altho she didn't have any at the yard sale, some of them are matted and framed. She sells the unmatted ones (all tigers) , like mine, for $10, to pay for her supplies for the next needlepoint project!!! I couldn't believe I was the only one buying one!! I have done needlepoint, but could never do anything like this!  I'll be keeping an eye out for her next yard sale!!! (I also got a small wrought iron plant stand for  a dollar!)


  1. Wow, both artists are amazing in their own ways! I love the art made with the cassette tapes.

    And the lady who does the needlepoint is truly an artist! The tiger is gorgeous! Seems she could sell these for a lot more!

  2. you found yourself treasures all the way around! I cannot believe that woman under-sales and under values her own art. It is beautiful!! but I'm glad you got a bargain!

  3. Wonderful!! Love them both, but really love the new art! Makes you think....

  4. that tiger needlepoint is WOW

    our youngest had sent some links very similar to your upcycled film art pics ... SO amazing what people come up with isn't it!

  5. I love this tiger! If you get the chance, buy one for me and let me know, we'll settle up in the mail. Would also love a wolf! Thanks.