Tea on Tuesday

Came home yesterday to a hysterical daughter, who, when she went out to feed the horses, could not find mine.
She looked everywhere, thought someone stole him. After calling her dad, she came back to the barn, calling my John, and heard a groan - he was in one of the other horse's stalls, on the ground, up against the stall door.
He was down and could not get up.
Katie, on the verge of a panic attack,  got ahold of the vet- and she was coming to meet me when I pulled in the drive.
My husband had been calling me to go home and meet someone who was coming to look at the car we had for sale. 
I pulled in the driveway, and Katie said - dad lied.......I could not figure out what she was talking about,( she later said I was just staring blankly at her-)and then she told me about John.

D/H had lied to get me home, thinking I would have driven off the road in my haste to get home, had I known the truth! I wouldn't have- but I certainly would not have stopped to get my sandwich, had I known my horse was in such dire straits!! D/H and I had a little chat.......LOL

There is nothing sadder than sitting in a pile of poop and pine shavings, holding your groaning horse's heavy head in your lap....sigh ...and not being able to help.

Very long story short, after some IV fluids, and alot of heaving and pushing,  mostly on the vet's part -we managed to get John on his feet.
He wobbled very unsteadily out of the barn, only to collapse shortly after in the mud of the paddock. More heaving, tugging, bribery, pushing, finally got him up again.

He has been upright since, in a separate paddock from his friends to recuperate. Not allowed in the barn the next 2 nights, lest this happens again.
Near as we can tell, he fell and got stuck in the stall, with a weak stifle- the muscle above his knee/elbow on the rear leg. Maybe a sprain, from the alternating ice and mud we've had lately;  maybe something worse, we will know more on Wednesday depending on how he's progressed. I won't bore all the non- horsey people with any more details!!!
John is the dominant gelding- he may have injured himself, trying to put one of the others in their place. I'm betting it was Cisco - since John was down in Cisco's stall, and Cisco looked quite guilty!!!LOL They can't understand why they can't all be together- but at least it is only a wire fence between them.

It's always something!!

So, I will be drinking heavy doses of chamomile - to relax!!!!!

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  1. Oh Pat, I hope that John is okay. I know how anxiety inducing something like this can be. Hugs to you.

  2. Oh my goodness...I sure hope all is okay. Sounds scarey when something you love is going thru something like that. I will have my tea post up later this morning and I will be thinking of you. Hope you can relax.

  3. So glad I stopped by, even though I'm one of those "non-horsey" readers of your blog. I'm glad you explained the problem John has because I would NEVER have guessed otherwise.

    Yep, lots of calming chamomile is called for in your world today. So, so sorry that this happened to your horse. Wish there was a chamomile tea equivalent for him!

  4. I was almost afraid to open your bbb post Pat after hearing about John yesterday...I was relieved to hear he rested thru the night...hope you get good news tomorrow !!!

    and YES keep drinking lots of calming tea


  5. I am so sorry about your beloved horse...I would have freaked out too because when a horse is down and cannot get up...I do know that is serious. You picked up the best tea that I can think of to calm every one down. I hope your baby continues to grow stronger. I am sending you prayers. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Oh your poor John! I do hope that he recuperates to full gate.
    Enjoy your tea and quite recovery.

  7. sorry, I believe that's...gait...

  8. Wondering how it went yesterday, didn't see this post until now. Horses bring so many challenges. I'm not a horse-owner, but do know some who are. Update us when you can.

  9. Just read this post from last week, it almost brought me to tears, I sure hope John is mending! I love horses, well, all animals, it's really difficult to see them stressed.