Peonies and Tea

 A comment today, by a reader of my Tea on Tuesday post, caused a "great" idea to spring into my head !!!

I always think I would like to sketch or paint some of my photos. Altho', I fear I am a much better photographer than I am a painter. Being self taught and VERY, VERY novice, my sketches and  occasional watercolors are a constant work in progress. Most never make it to public view!!LOL  Alot of what I have learned comes from the generosity of bloggers to share their techniques, and the endless stream of tutorials online.

Anyway, thanks to Tracey's  comment- I thought I might, from time to time, offer up a photo of mine, and give permission for people to use that particular photo to create something. 

All I request, is, that when completed, you send me a link of your artsy interpretation- and I will do a blog post with all the links/pictures of everyone participating! Send your blog links and photo of your completed artwork to:
I think it would be interesting and inspirational, with the wide range of talented folks out there in bloggerville, in various media, to see the different interpretations of the same photo.

                                             So, what do you think? Ready to play????

                                     Here is your first challenge:

Be sure to visit Tracey's lovely blog, Tea and Sympathy, and check out her lovely art work.And, thanks, Tracey, for putting the idea in my head!! Hope you'll play along!!!


  1. How beautiful! It must be peony blooming time in many places and Jean has a peony tea post today too. Lovely challenge you put forth to everyone. Happy tea day.

  2. Tea cups make the best vases sometimes!

  3. yay... I will be printing out your lovely pic and will start sketching... it is very generous of you to let us play with your lovely photo... and thanks sooo much for the kind shout out... this will be fun...xx

  4. beautiful! i'd love to play but my paints are packed away for a bit...i may take a raincheck though, thanks!! happy t day, pat!

  5. Tracey's blog is amazing...thanks for linking us, Pat...oooh I am soo tempted to take up the challenge...even as I am looking at the photo, my right brain is swirling with ideas.....

  6. I can't commit, but I like the idea!
    Pretty photo, BTW. Inspiring!

  7. Oh, great idea!!! I could use it in one of my art journal pages! Have to think about it for a whiole! Thanks Pat, you're such a sweetie!