Tea on Tuesday

The other day, I went into Julieanna, our local tearoom and shop, saw this pretty little cup, and just had to have it!!! It looked so familiar - turns out both Judy and Bobbi went into Julianna- saw the same little cup, loved it, and bought it!!

                  Now, we three artsy Valley Gals have a cup to share our tea with!!!

It's Staffordshire Royale Garden Wildflowers, sitting on one of my batik quilted mug rugs.
I am brewing up some sage tea, with fresh picked sage from my garden outside the front door.

Now, if you drop by to visit {and my blog counter says you have been  :>)} take a second or two, and say hi !! When I write a big post, I like to know what people think-OK, I'm a feedback junkie- why else would I write!!LOL 

 It's kind of uplifting to see alot of comments, and kind of sad to not..........even tho' I may not get to as many blogs as I would like, I always leave a comment.

Now, this is just a tiny post, but it would be nice to know you dropped by!!


                              I'll be keeping my eye on you!!!


  1. Hi Pat, my tea today will be Bengal Spice (Celestial Seasonings) I am hooked on it. It is a spice tea that is similar to a Chai.

  2. Such a pretty little cup and saucer.
    I like the mug rug too.
    The photo of your horse eye made me smile when I scrolled down and saw it. LOL
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. ooh i would certainly pick this too....what pretty colors...have a good tuesday Pat.....

  4. I just Love your teacup and the story is all about friendship! Oh so sweet .... and what a great day to start my day. Lennie

  5. My tea this morning is Rooiboos. It is lovely.

  6. I also leave a comment if I have been to someone's blog. And I ALWAYS visit anyone who visits me.

    Your cup is gorgeous. I can see why you like it. And I am truly impressed with your sewing skills of your mug rug. It is awesome.

  7. Love your Tea on Tuesday...I was here today!
    Love, Diane C.

  8. I love tea cups that have a little detail on the inside of the cup - it's a thoughtful addition to the tea lover :)

    cute horse picture too ... no mascara needed on that beauty :)

  9. I love it when the teacup has that added detail in the inside of the cup - such a thoughtful addition for the tea loving user of the cup :)

    and that horse is such a beauty - no mascara needed :)

  10. Pat - Look at all your comments!! I love your tea cup - so pretty. May I have a cup of tea please :)