Tea on Tuesday

This rainy and warm morning, I am drinking Stash organic Lemon Ginger Green Tea, in a teacup that has a story.

This little saucer, a thrift store find, was glued and ready to be turned into a birdfeeder birdfeeder.http://artfullyooglebloops.blogspot.com/2010/01/on-sale-now.html I usually give the history/maker of the china on all the upcycled china I work with - but had forgotten to write down the info on the back of the saucer, before I glued the cap on. I thought I might have a similar orphan piece in the cabinet, so went to check to get the maker info.

Lo and behold, the cup, bought in an entirely different place, at an entirely different time, MATCHED the saucer!!!

What are the odds? - so I scraped at the glue, for quite some time, and finally carved the saucer free- now I have a dainty Royal Albert cross stitch style pattern cup and saucer to add to my ever growing collection (and one less bird feeder!!) 

Be sure to join us every Tuesday for tea, and stop by Patty and Kim for a list of tea lovers. Since, coincidentally, I am drinking organic tea this morning- Kim's post is about organic !


( BTW, check out the workshop that Pat Sloan is going to be teaching at my Quilt Retreat in August-
                                         here's the link!
Plus, she's gets to go  to South Africa to teach this same workshop, and is going on a book tour for her new book  - how cool is that!!!

There are still just a few openings for my retreat in August- would love to see you there!!!! )


  1. Oh I love that tea! One of my all time favorites. Great that you have a set now and like you said, what are the odds of that happening. Make a birdfeeder from a much not so pretty cup and saucer. Happy tea day.

  2. Well aren't you the lucky camper!! I never find anything at the thrift store worth buying that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. You did GOOD, both times.

    I hope your Quilt retreat is successful. It sounds like all your attendees will have a real blast!! And have a great Tea Tuesday, too.

  3. pretty cup and fun story Pat

    the sun is shining here and I feel what might be "humidity"...oohh didn't miss that!

    Happy T to ya

  4. indeed! what are the odds??? so pretty, glad you were able to rescue it from the birds!! your quilt retreat sounds great!!