I'm so excited - another of my blog posts has turned into an article in the local paper!


I may never get that book published, but at least I have some published articles under my literary belt!                                            
 I've moved beyond wordy Letters to the Editor!!!

Actually, with mentioning this article on Facebook, a new FB "friend" and author mentioned that he owns a publishing company, so I may have to check that out.

Lack of organization, procrastination, lack of funds for self publishing, and procrastination,  has put a big STOP sign on my road to getting a book out there.

Maybe I need to get motivated and move beyond the blog.......we'll see!!

Meanwhile, here I am in print - exciting!!!! Maybe this will bring more readers to the blog, who knows!!!


  1. Congratulations Pat! Maybe this will help you with your procrastination issues.

  2. that's great!! congratulations, pat!

  3. You go girl! I enjoyed reading your last article and believe you have the "gift" of writing after reading your blog since it began...