Tea and Treasures

Well, I missed Tea on Tuesday- forgot it was Tuesday (the holiday threw me off) and planned to do a late afternoon tea, but the hellacious thunderstorm here took out the electricity. Soooo, there went any thoughts of the post!

But, since I have tea every day- figured I'd have a cup, while I  share some of the treasures brought home from the Quicksburg Mill.

Yesterday's tea was home grown sage, in my English Denby mug. LOVE this mug, found on a thrift store shelf. (Today's tea is a lemongrass green tea combo)

There were soo many things brought home from the mill over a period of 4 visits this past weekend- from buttons, to boxes and rusty bits of this and that. Lots of rusty bits of this and that!!!!! Too many things to list in one post.

                                                       I'll just tell about a couple!

One of the last finds,( and this was great to stash all my other treasures in!)  was a mop pail on wheels - the perfect planter!! I am hoping a vintage white enamel washbowl I already have, will fit perfectly in the top (less dirt to have to fill up the whole pail with!)

              Goes nicely with my old wash pail filled with basil and dill, don't ya' think?

Bucket full of vintage horse shoes - (oh, wait - not from the mill- but from a yard sale I stopped at on the way to the mill !!LOL) There are some good old and large, and hand made ones, that I don't already have in my collection. And, the bucket full was only $2!!!

A group of 3 vintage cameras- had to run down to Fulks Run Grocery (they have an extensive collection of old cameras on display) to find out how to close the Polaroid without breaking it !! Thanks, Ron and Peggie!
These old Polaroids are heavy!! But very cool- slides out with old fashioned bellows(?)behind.

                                 In perfect working order- despite the dust and cobwebs!!But, I don't imagine we can get film for these anymore - in this age of digital cameras.......The Polaroid weighs 4  1/2 lbs!!! Equal to 9 of my digital Canons!

This Brownie has some film inside - back to the grocery to find out how to rewind and view it!!!

Also got a 35mm circa 1918 b & W silent film docu- so VERY cool!!!!!! In the original canister, from Brayer Productions of the pre-talkie era !! Now, to find an 35mm projector (that I could afford!!) to view it on!!

In honor of my grandfather, Joe Caldwell, who worked for Con Edison his whole life, a vintage volt meter/tester. This may be a keeper, but may end up on Etsy after a while. I'm assuming it works, but electricity is not my forte- it just looks cool!!

Assorted goodies below- local wooden hangers (which I use- no wire!!), an English ceramic retail jewelry display, a horse, (of course), a cow horn being mailed to a nephew to turn into a powder horn for his Civil War re-enacting, one of several vintage pin cushions - this tattered one with lamb's wool stuffing, and a metal '60's address book, never used..

Cool box pin cushion - the two parts found quite by accident in different boxes- the padded lid slides off.

                    The tattered (mouse eaten) 5 sided wool filled and a silky apple pin cushion.

Assorted miscellaneous - check out the cool watch and sterling pin. Click on for closer look.


                                       More bits and bobs and rusty things!Love the RR spike!

I LOVE this rug hooked Scottie pillow - velveteen backing and hooked on burlap-sorry, blogger again won't rotate the pic. He will either be in my shop at Shenandoah Valley  or on Etsy- so cute!!!

There was so MUCH more - but I won't bore you anymore in this post. There was a very cool church whatsit (that might have been used to light candles or gas lamps), a wood walking stick, a puzzle of little dovetail box pieces to be put back together, another wooden box for a planter, a hand hewn lap desk, an Alice in Wonderland pj sack, a rather vicious looking rusty 3 spiked whatsit (maybe for hanging meat?), some vintage wood clipboards, little doll baby carriage spoked wheels, dinnerware for upcycling and way too many mid 1800 books for my collection, and so much more, to be saved for another post.

Hope you enjoyed looking thru my treasures!!!


  1. Loved every bit of these photos ... You are the Finder of Very Cool Stuff (FVCS) As a not, you could also use some of those white squiggly peanut shaped packing material to put in the bottom of your larger planters so you don't have to use so much soil. They drain nicely and are light weight and Disney uses them in all their pots in all their facilities ... just a thought
    All the mid 1800 books sounded interesting to me. Lennie

    1. Lennie, I will add that "title" after my name, from here on!!! Pat McNally, FVCS !

  2. I can't wait to see the other items. MAN, you came out with a lot of stuff!! Love the old cameras. And your tea looks so refreshing...
    Simply marvelous!!

  3. I love those horseshoes.....what a treasure. You had the best time shopping, Pat...
    looking forward to the next post...
    happy T!!

  4. Fabulous finds for sure! I love your found English mug...such a great blue! Glad you faired well through the storm.

    oxo Judy