I Just Have to Brag....

My 17 year old nephew is a special effects master! He lives outside of LA, the perfect place to be for this profession. He has a natural talent and has trained with some of the Hollywood masters in this field.
Christopher has a show this weekend, so, spent all week readying this mask to be included in his portfolio.
The elderly man pictured is Christopher's 15 year old brother in full makeup- all created by Christopher!!
If you want to see some of Christopher's other works (he is into horror) and what his brother really looks like sans makeup, visit his myspace page:
I think he may have a future in special effects- Hollywood, look out-and he's only 17!!!


  1. Christopher did an amazing job!! Is he EVER gonna rock their socks off :)
    Hey, could he make me look younger,lol--yes I know, only temporarily!!
    Brag away, he's great :)

  2. That is TERRIFIC.....now....I want to look younger AND thinner. (Guess I'm asking the impossible, huh???)

  3. that is a terrific talent this young lad has, we'll hear more from him in the years ahead I am sure. That's a great post Pat, great pics too Lennie

  4. That is awesome...he really does have a talent there....

  5. I am absolutely gobsmacked at his talent....if he's THIS GOOD now just think what possibilities await him!! WOW!!!

  6. WOW! That makeup had me fooled for sure!