More Rainy Day Creations

It's like I'm on a mission - to see how much stuff I can make in one day!!!!

I had a little rusty covered tin, that was rescued from the thrift store trash.It had a little scrap of paper labeled "soda" taped to it, so it served a purpose in someone's life for a while! Today I started covering it with paper from my stash. One thing led to another, and I started in on the old cardboard suitcase I had.

This little suitcase was picked up at a local auction last year. It belonged to Margaret, who passed away a year or so before. She apparently last used this suitcase in 1977, if we are to believe the little receipt left inside. Also inside was her passport- she had gone to England- don't know if she took this suitcase along with her. It was apparently her only trip out of the United States. She's one up on me!!!

This suitcase has been a project in my mind for more than a year now. The other day, I was taking some stuff to my friend's thrift store-part of my purge of the garage! This suitcase and another 1950's Samsonite were part of the purge! As I handed them over, a little voice in my head was protesting parting with Margaret's little cardboard travel case! I ignored that voice, trying to be true to my purge!!!

Well, two days went by, and I called Connie on another matter. I asked if she had sold the little suitcase yet - and she hadn't! So, I asked to buy it back - she wouldn't accept my $2!!! After all, I did bring her quite a pile of junk, uh, valuable treasures- so she was more than happy to give me back the suitcase in trade!

So, today, Margaret's little cardboard "grip" is undergoing a makeover! It only took me a year to get started, and will probably take me a good few months to have it completed- if it keeps raining, I may have it done sooner than that!!! The glue was still wet in the pix- it would have shown better dry - but patience is NOT one of my virtues!


  1. Oh Pat, I couldn't wait to see your suitcase and I am so glad you got it back. It has a story to tell, by YOU!!!!Love it! can't wait to see it when it is finished.Lennie

  2. Cute that Margaret's suitcase had one more trip to make, back to you! As I was reading I was thinking how good you are with parting with things...I think the suitcase was meant to be with you. It can hold lots of fun stuff too....its looking great!

  3. I love your rainy day projects :)
    I'm sure Margaret would approve of the transformation - maybe you could incorporate her passport somehow (if you've still got it?) - or images of England - seeing as how that's quite a distance for one little "grip" to travel ;)

  4. I do still have the passport, and was thinking that same thing. I may scan the pages of it, I hate to rip it up!!!

  5. What nice projects you have done, and the suitcase is always handy for other treasures of the eras before us :) I'm so glad you went back and got it

  6. Fun idea with the suitcase. I have a couple that aren't quite cool enough to be antiques, they are just old. Your project gives me some ideas....Hmmmmm....! Oh, and scanning your passport is so much better than using the original. Don't you love technology sometimes?

    ~Mermaid Shelley

  7. Wow, you've been having a busy month. I just love giving things a new lease of life too! It's especially wonderful that you know the background of the suitcase, and it looks so good now!
    I often buy second hand books and it's amazing what you find in between the pages that must have been used by someone as a bookmark and I love it when it has a dedication in the front.
    One day I might find a post a secret card.
    Thank goodness for charity shops, car boot sales and jumble sales :)
    I had a big clear out of all the things I had been keeping in the loft that I intended to transform about 2 years ago because I hadn't revamped anything for years. I really regret doing that now!!
    I love the brown flowered tea set in your post above as well. It looks to be in the style of an English Potter that I can't think of the name of. My brain cell is not round the front tonight :)
    Gini xx