Tea on Tuesday.....OOOPS!- It's Wednesday!!

What's the old saying - "a day late, and a dollar short"? That's me lately!!!

Due to inclement weather (read: more rain!!!), my satellite service was sketchy yesterday, which meant I was on the verge of killing my computer most of the day!!! So, before the cloud cover rolls in again today, I will quickly post my Tea on Tuesday!!!!

I had my tea late in the day, again- helping myself to the sweet tea that my daughter made Tuesday morning. I put it in one of the lovely lead crystal goblets I just got at the thrift store(for $1!!!), with a sprig of my homegrown mint.

I also have to share the goodies from Japan, sent to me by a traveling friend!! Green teas, iced teas, tea bags, handle-less mug- woohoo!!! I can't read the directions on the bags, but I am sure I can muddle thru!!!

Also pictured, the cute little tea set - or is it a chocolate pot set?- also courtesy of my local thrift shop!!! Yesterday was a bonanza day at the thrift shop!!!!More about that another post, another day...............


  1. Love your goblet of tea with the freshy mowed lawn in the background. I know all of this rain is keeping you and Mr. Greenjeans busy busy busy! What a lot of wonderful goodies and eye candy :)

  2. I love to see what tea photos you will post each time! The sprig of mint is a perfect touch!

  3. Oh, what a wonderful little handle-less cup! So pretty :) and all the teas too! I love the photo of your Crystal goblet, so fresh looking.
    I need to come to that thrift store, it's like a treasure chest of goodies you find there :)
    I hope your rain lets up. It's so beautiful here, but very, very dry--not good. Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog :)

  4. What a beautiful goblet! I love shopping at the thrift store :)
    Thanks for posting your tea today! And how cool is that? to get all those goodies in the mail! Wow!

    p.s. if you find the oil cloth- those little lunchbags would be a cool thing to sell at your booth at the farmer's market :)

  5. I thought of that :>)!! But I may have to take a drive into the 'big city" to find oilcloth - or maybe, cut up a tablecloth.......hhmmmm.........

  6. Loved the goblet on the rail and I'll just bet that was on the little balcony off the dining room. Making me thirsty. A great post! Lennie

  7. Mmm...that tea looks rather yummy Pat, are you sure it isn't a Shiraz variety, LOL???
    You can't beat a drink with a view....
    Linda xo