Tea on Tuesday

Well, here I am, taking my afternoon tea break again!! I do try to post this early - but tuesday is thrift store volunteer day - and I am not organized enough to drink and post before I leave!!!

Yesterday, was lavender day. I spent a good portion of the day, picking lavender, weaving lavender wands, and "talking" to my friend online about lavender. I got her into it, and she was sending me recipes she found and lots of good ideas!!!
One of her ideas was lavender syrup. I made it - and it is wonderful!! I think of it as a lavender flavored hummingbird food!!! The premise is the same as making syrup for hummingbirds, but just on a larger scale!!!
This syrup is wonderful in tea, hot or cold,and to flavor just about anything you want, I guess! Next on the list to try - lavender pound cake!! I make a box (ssshhh- don't tell!) pound cake, that I have tweaked and call it a featherweight pound cake, because it is so light and airy. I think infusing it with lavender might make a new taste sensation!!!

Back to the tea - my afternoon tea is just plain ol' iced tea, with 2 tablespoons of the lavender syrup. I did plop my obligatory sprig of mint in the glass - AFTER I took the picture. The etched glass ( a thrift store find)with the vintage silver iced tea spoon, is sitting on one of my favorite thrift store finds of all time - cost me $2.25!!!! I love this tiny birdhouse table - it is painted primitive green, with little rose decals - love it!!! Paired with a tomato sandwich, the iced tea completes a perfect late light lunch.

Here is the recipe that my friend Teresa emailed me -


2 cups of water
2 cups of granulated sugar
2 tablespoons of fresh or dried lavender blossoms (I used fresh and would even increase it to 3 tbsps)
Bring all ingredients to a boil in a large, stainless steel saucepan. Remove from heat and allow to steep for 30 minutes (I covered the pan and left it in about 45 min or so)
Strain, chill and refrigerate, tightly covered. Use to sweeten hot or cold drinks. Delicious in iced tea or lemonade.

Please join Kimmie, Patty, Nancy and I for tea on Tuesdays!!!


  1. ummmm I can almost smell the lavender from here, Love the ribbon you used and that birdhouse table is unique and wonderful! I have a lavender tea cookie recipe somewhere that is delicate and delicious. Lavender poundcake is great, your recipe sounds good too! ;)

  2. I was picking lavender the day before yesterday - I tried making the wands last year but it was tooooo hard! Yours turned out beautifully! Thanks for the recipe - that would be yum drizzled on vanilla ice cream :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Now that lavender syrup drizzled on vanilla ice cream does sound good to me right about now! Lennie

  4. I had a lavender plant that was edible but now I have the kind that isn't.....so I'd have to buy lavender to try this...sounds good, though. Love your little tea table in today's photo.

  5. I love your lavender wands, such a nice weaving you did! And thanks for the recipe. I do believe it DOES sound really good for ice cream :) or maybe drizzled over that pound cake!
    Your little tea table is an awesome find too!

  6. Wow~ We have been wanting to learn more to do with lavender!! Thanks for sharing all the fun ideas!! We will HAVE to make the syrup for sure!
    Oh, and in reply to your question. I have NOT fostered dogs. It was the person who wrote the Care2 article. I like dogs but I am a CAT person for sure!! If I didn't worry about the health of my Lucky, I would foster cats. We have adoped several from the Humane Society that ended up having serious diseases we found out about later. I am not wanting to expose Lucky to anything in his golden years now that he is 8. We did adopt Felix a couple of years ago and he was finally diagnosed with FIP. Now I get to watch Lucky for symptoms for the rest of his life since it can be contageous, UGH!!!
    P.S. Do you have or know of a tutorial for the beautiful lavender wands you make?? Holly will want to make them when she sees them!