Passing the Time on Yet Another Rainy Day

I should be catching up on my other blog, or transplanting seedlings, or making the enclosure for my mulch pile,!
Rain just gives me the blahs, so I have just been playing around with glue and paints, and stuff.

Nothing great, but these are what I've been experimenting with: the canvas board was a practice in crackle paint - which ended up a shiny brown board looking like alligator patent leather! So, I glued a few things to it, and this was the result. It's "titled" Always Late.

The other was me playing around with some inexpensive water colors, while staring out my back window- at more rain!

The last, are some of the tea infusers that I'll be adding to my inventory at the farmers' market (which I am putting off til next week- my teas were late coming in, plus the weather is kind of iffy!) I got the idea for the infusers from one I purchased from Peggy at Chapped Chick.

Now, it's time to go in the basement and paint some old oak chairs that I am refurbishing for the shop.................maybe!!!!


  1. I'm sick of all this rain.......but at least it's a good excuse to do some "playing". What fun you are having!

  2. Sounds like my FAVORITE kind of play on a rainy day! We have been getting a lot of rain here too. Way more thunder storms than usual. I like them till they fry my router, hehee! Your projects are all cool!

  3. Love your tea infusers, for some reason I Love a rainy day too, the sound and smell and how fresh it makes everything.....I know I'm in a minority
    You made good use of being out of the garden for a bit!