Pin Cushion Swap

I received my lovely primitive pin cushion from Linda at Lavender Ridge
It is a wool bird on a pillow- love anything primitive!!! I am already putting it to use!!!! Thank you so much!!! The little bird actually stands up - but I put him on his side, just for the photo.I am anxious to do another pin cushion swap - one can never have too many!!!

I mailed mine out to my swap partner last week - I'm going to assume she got it by now, so hopefully, I won't spoil the surprise by showing a pic!!!

Usually, most of my pincushions are my original patterns, but this one looked so cute, I couldn't resist. It was in Mary Jane's Farm magazine- called 'quilty apples'.
I had to do some tweaking to the pattern - it did not turn out the way I thought it should at first. But, maybe because I was not using old quilts to create these apples, made them turn out a little different.
I added some pins in the shape of a bee (or at least that was the attempt!), and off in the mail it went! Hope she likes it!

Anyway, after finishing the swap apple, I have been making them like crazy!! I will take a basket of them to the farmers' market on Saturday, and post a few on Etsy.
They really are so cute- I have been using all sorts of fabrics and in some cases, using the reverse side of the fabric for a more muted look.
Today, I am out to look for perfect little branches for the stems, and leaves. I cannot ravage any more of my tiny Harry Lauder Walking Stick tree for stems (LOL) and have used the last of my vintage velvet leaves. So, when the rain lets up (more rain, what a surprise.....) I will be taking a walk in search of the perfect stems for my 25 apple pin cushions!


  1. How cute. I need to send my first pincushion off to South Africa for my first swap. I made a lovely one for my second sway and get this: I can't find it!!!! So, yesterday I started another one. I am so angry with myself. But, I enjoy making them. so there you go.

  2. Your Apple's are adorable!! Your partner will love it.. if not she can always send it to me..LOL

  3. GREAT job on the apple pincushions....and the bird you received is very nice, too. We are having the same rainy spring problem YOU are having. I am SICK of it. *sigh* And it's chilly outside, too.....more than 10 degrees lower than it should be. What is going on???

  4. This is just so creative :) you really did a good job! The Walking sticks are a perfect stem!
    I like your 'swap' pin cushion too, cute little bird :)

  5. a pin cushion swap is such a neat thing, lovely!

  6. Well Pat, when you run out of twigs down at Mountain Meadows, give me a call, we have tons all over the yard from all this rain.HA! I usually keep a few in a tall vase for all kinds of uses, but with all this rain, way too many! I lovc your apples, Judy and I made something very similar years ago, must dig mine out. Never did use them as pin cushions though. Lennie

  7. Love them.....I am having a giveaway, come on over!!!