Tea on Tuesday

I am actually ON TIME for tea today!!!!

I decided to skip the thrift shop volunteer today, because my son is visiting thru tomorrow. I would rather spend the time with him, even tho he is still asleep at the moment!!

I grabbed a quick cup of tea for the "photo shoot"!!! As soon as I post this, I have to run out and check to see if there are any raspberries left. They are usually a tiny crop, only a couple of pints. I did discover a new group of plants, and I'll see what's left. The blackberries are next to pop out - and those are very prolific. Last year I had pounds of those - I am hoping for the same this season - so I can sell some at the market!

Anyway, this teacup/pot combo is from Pier 1 - but I got a pair of them at the thrift shop for a dollar or so- one for me, one for my daughter. The cute little tray is another thrift shop find ( a set of 3), and the tiny bowl with my blueberry breakfast is one of Richard Busch's Glenfiddich pieces. I love his pottery!!!
The tea is Arizona Green Tea with pomegranate and acai.

The sun is peaking out again, so I am off to pick berries before it rains!!
Be sure to visit, Patty, Kimmie and Nancy for tea, and join us next week, won't you????


  1. Well dear friend, I'm having a cuppa' coffee with you this morning. But it is a lovely morning here. Hope you found the berries, always a treat! and enjoy your son's visit too Lennie

  2. Lovely stopping for tea with you Pat :)
    Are you going to fill up that basket with berries = wowee! I Love the pieces I have from Richard and still remember an open house I went to, his wife is such fun too!
    Enjoy your son's visit, it's nice knowing he's under the same roof again....asleep or awake, I get that!
    My tea is in the garden too!

  3. I saved my tea to share with you, Pat. Enjoy your son ... TTFN ~Marydon

  4. I would like to be with you... :O)

  5. I hope you found lots of raspberries!

  6. Oh my, I love the look of your tea and snack :)
    What a gorgeous tray, love the colour!
    Enjoy your picking and enjoy your son's visit :)

  7. I love that tray!It looks like swimming pool blue :)
    Thank you for joining us for tea today! Enjoy your berry picking - it sounds like some delicious fun :)

  8. Those blueberries look lovely...and so good for you! I had some in my porridge this morning. The tea sounds rather wonderful too...cheers!
    Linda xo
    PS Glad you liked my moth friend.

  9. A Lovely Little Tea Party! I love your pretty tray! And the berries sound wonderful! Enjoy your tea!

  10. You just made me want tea and berries! Isn't it great to discover that one can get Pier One and World Market goodies at the flea market!
    Love it!

  11. LOVE that tray, just the perfect color for your arrangement! Holly got her package yesterday...she was SOOoooo excited to get a box in the mail and she loved the apple and lavender wand you were so sweet to include. She will post about it sometime in the next few days. Have a wonderful Independence Day!

  12. I wish I could trapse off with you to pick fresh berries.. and then have a cup of tea. Beautiful set of tea goodies... thanks for sharing.

  13. Love the tray, the tea pot, the Still Life with Berries -- popped over to your blog from Said & Done. I'll be back!