Tea on Tuesday

Well, here I am, in the garden, at the crack of early, before the heat rolls in.

I'm having a mug of tea, in another thrift store mug, that was actually made by the local Broadway Pottery!
Today's tea is Tulsi tea - which has 2 kinds of Indian basil in it - good for what ails ya'!!!
My other favorite tea of late, is one my friend picked up for me while in Japan.
It is called Mugi-cha, a roasted barley tea. It is delicious, hot or cold, and is what is called a summer tea.
Please join us, Kimmie, Pat, and Patty,for tea on Tuesdays!!! Tell us your favorite of the day, with a link to your blog!!!


  1. You made it :) and what a lovely place to be.
    Look at your corn grow! Awesome!

  2. Such a beautiful background shot! A great place for a cuppa!

  3. My but your corn is doing very well, even with all this rain. What a view for your cuppa' tea today, turned out to be a fine day. Lennie

  4. Love the closeup with the sun shining on the corn stalks...lovely spot of tea you've got there! Tuesday got away from me!

  5. I love "at the crack of early!" What a great saying! You have such a beautiful collection of mugs - and what an amazing setting! I'd love to see you post the progress of your corn. It'll be leaps and bounds and over your head before you know it!

    Happy Tuesday! I'll join you for a cuppa next week :)

  6. The old saying goes - corn should be "knee high by the 4th of July" and mine is that already!! So, it should be good!!!! My other blog will show the progression of the gardens, and the farmers market.