Tuesday Tea

It's not that I had forgotten that today was Tuesday - there was just so much going on!!!

I got a call from the little grocery store up the road - my tea order was in!!! Woohoo!!! I have been playing around making my own tea blends, and found this catalog -Frontier Co-op- and boy, do they have alot of neat stuff!!! The little grocery orders their items thru this catalog, so I got to look and pick out a few things. I am waiting for my own catalog to arrive in the mail, but in the meantime, I now have a few things to play with!!!
I will be selling at the little local farmers' market, and until the veggies start producing, I'll be selling tea blends, scones, and tea related items. There are some cute little teapot tea infusers also!
The large silver packs are tea leaves - a lb of each - lemon ginger, peppermint (or was it spearmint?) and stevia leaves. I got neat re-useable draw string tea bags, and a pack of bags for one time use. I will be making my own teabags out of cheesecloth and cotton string.

Since it is evening, and still hot out, I opted for plain old Lipton's ice tea, with a sprig of my home grown mint, stirred with one of my vintage silver iced tea spoons. The fragrance of my first peonies of the season, combined with the scent of honeysuckle wafting in the window on a faint breeze, makes the evening complete........................


  1. Here we both are having late tea :)

    I love the idea of doing your own tea mixes! I hope it goes well for you at the market.

    Kimmie has started a very nice thing here with our tea. I find myself looking at things for my 'special' Tuesdays--it makes it even more special when you make an adventure out of it!

  2. Ooooh I love "plain old" Lipton Iced tea! .... with sugar ..... yum!
    How smart and brave and creative you are to sell at your local market :)
    Entrepreneurial is the word I guess :)
    Wow - good luck with that venture!!!

    Hugs, Kimmie

  3. Being a tea freak myself, you got my mouth watering with your talk of tea blends. Love the idea of making your own tea bags. Good luck at the farmer's market.

  4. Ohhhhhh...this sounds so wonderful!

  5. Wow~ I can almost smell all the scents you discribed! I love good ole' Lipton's too. I just have to do decaf now and it doesn't taste quite as good. That is a great idea, to do the tea stuff till your produce comes in. We are hoping to move to NW Arkansas, by my Dad's farm and that would be something I could do till our produce comes in next year! You are brilliant!!
    P.S. Love your fabric below!!

  6. Good Luck to you as you venture forth .... I love the smells you evoke in my mind with the descriptions of your tea stash! Thinking of you! Lennie

  7. OMGoodness my computer has been making me crazy, it's cooperating in fits and starts....mostly fits!!! I am trying to function between two computers and that isn't going all that well, one is more than I can stand, I mean handle LOL. Sorry to rant on your lovely tea post Pat! Now we can add fearless tea blender to your farm girl creds...you go girl....you amaze me! oxo

  8. Thats such a great idea Pat - I hope it works well for you. Your last paragraph was very evocative!!