And the Winner is...........

Thru the magic of the Custom Random Number Generator


GENE, an Alabama artist!!! Congratulations!!!

Send me your address and I'll get your apple, and tea goodie in the mail!

And thank you all for signing up to follow!! Now the pressure's on - I will try to keep it interesting, so you all will keep coming back!!! LOL If you get bored, you could always check out my other blog, about life on the farm!!

Speaking of which, time to get off the computer and get back to planting, before the heat of the day bowls me over.....................


  1. Congrats to Gene!!! Guess he might be glad I sent him here. LOL check out her farm's very interesting, too!

  2. OH~MY~GOSH..How have I totally missed that you have a farm blog??? Now I will have to start with the first post and read thru it all in the next week! I hope to be sitting in my own little farm booth next summer!

  3. Congrats to Gene, an Alabama artist!!!! You know what they say about an apple a day ......

  4. Congrats to Gene, what a lucky guy to get one of your apples :)

  5. Thanks. I am really pleased to get this. I am excited about the "tea goodie" too, since it will be a surprise. I love my cup 'o tea every day at work. I have a drawer of different teas to choose from.

    I am also a lover of pin cushions. These apple pincushions are so pretty.
    Thanks again