I Am About......


I was scrolling thru my dashboard, seeing what everyone had written, and came across this little post. It was a great prompt for me- so, here is what I am all about - today, at least!!! :>)

I am about corralling my scattered mind - an endless pursuit.
Directing my inner creativity into something tangible, beautiful, worth sharing.
I am jack of all trades, master of none- but at least, I tried!
I am about enjoying life, within the parameters of my paranoia!!
I am about contentment, having reached a plateau in my life I never thought I'd see.
I am about joy in little things- rocks, bugs, flowers, the birds who show up at my feeder, the husband who keeps me sane, yet drives me crazy, my kids- my best creations!
I am not above talking to the plants in my garden, the snake I unintentionally disturb, and myself...
I am thankful for what we have and try not to miss what we don't.
I try not to be bitter when we lose the lottery yet again!! Just think- our tickets are funding those who do win- maybe they need it more than us.:>)
I can be jealous, envious, and fall prey to "why me?" But that is a very small pity party, not very well attended, and short lived!
I love sunny days, rainy days in moderation, but need the sun to keep my spirits lifted.
I miss the ocean, but have a river.
If my studio was really organized, I would be a happy person. If someone would come from the Oprah show (like Nate Berkus) and organize it for me - I would be eternally grateful!!
Procrastination, thy name is ME!
Words tumble out of my head in disarray- I can't write fast enough to assemble them in any kind of order some days.
Words keep me up at night.
My life is scrawled on tiny scraps of paper- the decoupage of my life.
Am I my mother? Is my daughter destined for the same "fate"? We are our mother's daughters- no matter how hard we try not to be!!
All life ends the same way - I am learning to make the most of it in my own way.
Clouds are like snowflakes - no one is like another.
I am rarely without my camera.
I need a better camera!
Collections rule my life - to purge is a good thing!!!

This could go on indefinitely, since, as I mentioned before, words just tumble out of my head!!!
But, for now, this is what I am about - today...................................


  1. Oh Pat, I think there is a little bit of you in me! A good read! Lennie

  2. I think we are twins EXCEPT I'd be running from that snake rather than apologizing for disturbing it!!!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing! Oh my.....what a talented son you have....and his brother for being a part of it....amazing!

  4. I can soooo relate to most of what you wrote :)
    I would love to have Nate, period, he doesn't have to work--just be there, lol.
    And, 'the decoupage of my life'--that is good!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. This is the Pat I've gotten to know. You are so descriptive. Now, those little scraps of paper with all your notes? Seriously, you must decoupage them onto a big can or a jar to keep your "thoughts" in.

  6. I am so glad you ran with this, it really is interesting when people just let a stream of conciousness go like that. Your list reminded me of something I neglected in my stream....procrastination!! OH boy do I have that bad in certain areas of my life!
    I adore the name of your blog here!

  7. Fun post!! I like how it all flowed together!

  8. wonderful words tumbling Pat! we each can see some of ourselves in pieces like this too....more alike than different we human beings!
    I came to check on your Tea Tuesday too :)

  9. Hey kiddo, I've got an award for you over on my blog.